Soundtrack for The Pack Slut and Who Wants a Blind Mate?

Hello everyone!

I didn’t post a blog post last week because I really didn’t know what to write about.

But since I made a promise to myself to blog weekly, I knew I couldn’t let this week pass by without posting as well.

So here I am.

Today, I’ll just be telling you about a soundtrack I think relates to my currently released book: The Pack Slut, and the book I’m currently working on and should publish in August: Who Wants a Blind Mate?

Just a little warning though, I choose songs I like based on feelings. That is, I don’t even know if I like Pop or Blues or whatever genre of music. Whenever I listen to a new song to the end or find myself singing it after hearing it, it becomes part of my playlist. So these soundtracks may not be the right ones.

The Pack Slut – Cinderella’s Dead by Emeline

Who Wants a Blind Mate? – How you like that by Black Pink

Can you think of any other songs that would work best for TPS or WWABM? If so, please leave a comment below.

I will also appreciate getting blog post suggestions, so please leave a comment on the type of things you’d like me to talk about, questions you’d like answered, etc.

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