My intention for writing Who Wants A Blind Mate?

I was working on the beta reading feedback left by one of my beloved beta readers and she told me to reconsider the way I wrote a particular sentence because it sounded offensive. And it got me thinking about how it was possible that certain things in the book could offend blind people or people with blind family members.

And that made me very sad.

Because the real reason Ciara in ‘Who Wants a Blind Mate?” was blind, was because I wanted to highlight how selfish interests usually get in the way of love.

I wanted to show that the real person who loves you is someone who can overlook your flaws. Not the person who rejected you or treated you like trash because you had certain flaws or weren’t up to their standards for any reason.

I wanted to show girls that they didn’t have to settle.

I have tried my best to remove any visible flaws from the book but there might be other things in there that my team and I couldn’t spot that may offend someone. And I just want to apologize beforehand. I am also open to suggestions and can delete stuff from the book if it wouldn’t ruin the entire plot.

If there is anyone who is blind or has a relative who is blind, I am really sorry if I offended you with something that is said to Ciara or something Ciara says.

I really had the best intentions writing WWABM and I never wrote it to be insensitive or to hurt anyone.

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