The Pack Outcast Deleted Scene #1

Here’s the deleted scene I promised you:

This was the scene I wrote for Chapter 4 after Amelia and Keane met for the first time.

Please note that the characters may be a little OOC (Out of Character) because this is an unedited draft that was discarded as soon as it was written.


I stared into her eyes and even though this was our first meeting, I knew they were lying.

Everything I had heard about this little girl that had made me sneer in disgust was a lie.

If it was all a lie, how had this little 17-year-old handled the past 10 years of being accused of things she hadn’t done?

I looked away from her eyes to the device testing her blood and then to Alpha Vincent.

He knew that I had the ability to read people down to their souls and turned away slightly to hide away from my eyes. This made me realize that he knew this girl was innocent but was playing along with those framing her for whatever reason.

No, not for unknown reasons. He was playing along for personal benefits. Even though this little girl’s parents’ legacies had already immensely benefited his pack, he still wanted her Camdine Academy admission ticket for his son. Because it would give his son access to the Supernatural Council Warrior training and the Instinctual Magic training.

I sighed as I walked forward, placing my hands on her shoulders.

Calling out in my mind to her soul and pouring my magic into her body.

Her body bowed back as I saw everything.

Since her parents died, she hadn’t slept well because she was getting plotted against left and right.

Before I could see further, a force pushed me out.

I stepped back as I stared into Amelia’s eyes. Within seconds, her gray eyes returned to their original color, providing the evidence of magic fading from her eyes.

But I knew now that Amelia wasn’t just a prodigy warrior like her parents had tried to portray her to be.

She had magic, but she was hiding it.


I looked back at Alpha Vincent, the pack members staring at us and my teammates, and then I realized why.

Her parents had known about Alpha Vincent’s greed from the onset?

If they had, why didn’t they leave the pack with their daughter and help her get the training she needed if she had such strong instinctual magic?

I needed to investigate everything. I was missing some information.

“Captain…it’s negative.” It was Dave who spoke now.

I didn’t see it, but I felt a ripple flow out and traced it back to Amelia.

She was crying in relief now and probably didn’t notice what her magic had done.

I looked around and realized that I was the only mage in my unit, so no one had noticed.

That was good. Until I understood what had happened here, I had to protect Amelia’s secret.

I didn’t know what kind of magic she had or why her parents hid it, but I knew I had to protect her.

Then it suddenly occurred to me. There had been many cases like Amelia’s in other packs, so why was I filled with an uncontrollable need to decipher Amelia’s secrets without immediately taking her out of her pack? Because of her weird magic that had interacted with my magic in such a special way?

I turned back to look at her and caught her staring at me again. Our eyes met again, and I realized why.

Because she was my true mate.


“All of you pack up and wait for me in Alpha Vincent’s office. I need to talk to Amelia alone.”

My head was spinning at the thought of Amelia being my mate.

A fae-mage and a fae werewolf? That was a weird and very rare mating pair.

“Um…” Before Alpha Vincent could say a single word, I stared at him malevolently, letting him see the magic hiding under my skin like a sleeping beast.

Turning to Amelia, I said, “Where can we talk alone?”

She stared at me again. Much more alert than she was before. She had felt my magic, and she knew I knew her secrets.

Maybe that was why she nodded twice and then started trudging forward, expecting me to follow her.

And then she led me deep into the woods to a cottage. An old, moldy cottage.

Was this where she ran to whenever she wanted to hide?

She didn’t let me into the cottage as I’d thought. Instead, she moved to the back of the cottage and sat on a rock, looking at me. There were no similar sturdy looking rocks shaped like a chair, but I found a trunk and sat on it.

Then we stared at each other.

“What did you do to me?” The stubborn glint in her eyes and her pursed lips allowed me to see why a little girl like her hadn’t broken completely under the torment of false accusations that had been in her life all these years.

“I’m not your enemy.” I said, staring into her eyes and trying to convey that I could be trusted because I knew Amelia probably found it difficult to believe whatever people said to her.

She would always need proof because of how she had been dealt with in this greedy Mcnarty pack where everyone, including the Alpha, was looking for ways to bite stuff off of her.

She lowered her head, but then looked up again. “What did you do to me? I felt—”

“I just wanted to know who was telling the truth. Your pack or you. But that’s not important now. What kind of magic do you have? And why are you hiding it from your Alpha?”

She stared at me and then she lowered her head and started breaking a thin stick into tiny pieces. Then, after a while, she murmured. “Are you going to tell him?”

“If I wanted to tell your Alpha, I wouldn’t be seated here with you. Now, tell me, are you hiding your magic because it’s dangerous or can hurt people? I can apply for Kian cuffs or neck rings if it’s something that—”

“It’s not something that can hurt people. It’s just my instinctual healing magic. Most of the time, it’s healing magic. I can’t even do many spells with it. I haven’t even been able to use it for offensive magic at all. Only defensive magic. It’s useless!”

“But it has to be pretty powerful healing magic since your parents wanted you to hide it.”

“It’s not powerful. It’s pretty lame. I can just heal wounds. That’s it. When I was younger, I tried to revive a dying bear, but it didn’t work. My parents…they never actually told me why I needed to hide it, but…in this pack, I realized…pretty quick that I needed to hide it.”

“When last did you do warrior training? I know your father was training you when you were younger and you were somewhat of a prodigy back then?”

“Prodigy…” An unwilling sob left her mouth as Amelia bowed her head again. “I can barely hold my own in a fight against regular enforcers now! That’s the cost of my warrior training getting canceled by the Supernatural Council after my parent’s death.”

I wanted to stand up and console her, but this was the best moment to show her that her pack was no good and her Alpha was simply a greedy bastard.

“The Supernatural Council didn’t cancel your warrior training. Your guardian and your Alpha canceled it. Listen, there are some things I’m not sure of concerning your parents and your pack, so I need to investigate them. And I can’t take you back to the Supernatural Council because your file is in a very bad state. So bad that if your Moonshine test had tested positive, the Supernatural Council wouldn’t have intervened even if your Alpha usurps your Camdine Academy ticket and sends you out of the pack.”

“I will put your file in investigation mode so he can’t do anything to you directly or indirectly and warn him. All you have to do is keep your head down, hide your magic and stay silent until you get to Camdine Academy. By then, I should have conclusive evidence to help you rectify your file and try to punish those who wronged you. But you have to hold on.”

“I see.” Amelia picked up another thin twig and broke it in half before raising her head to stare me in the eyes.

She must have seen that I was truly on her side because she nodded and finally said, “Thank you.”

“This is my phone number. Call me if you need anything or you get into trouble.”

She gazed at the paper sluggishly, as though it held profound secrets, before saying, “Got it…Thank you.”


After my unit members had walked out of Alpha Vincent’s office, I didn’t beat around the bush.

“You pulled this stunt to steal her Camdine Academy admission ticket?”

“What nonsense! I certainly did not! What did that little psychopath tell you?”

“Spare me! And listen carefully Vincent Mcnarty. If anything happens to that girl before she gets to Camdine Academy, I will come for you and your pack—”


“Don’t bother giving me false explanations. You know who I am and what I am capable of. And I won’t warn you again. If anything happens to that girl n your pack, something will happen to the Mcnarty pack.”

I didn’t need to speak anymore. I stood up and stared at him and walked out of his office hearing a loud thunk sound like something was thrown across the room.

But I pretended not to hear it as I left with my unit members.

With that warning, my mate should be safe for now while I tried to help her get everything that was stolen from her.

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