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Eunice Amnell's Bio

Eunice Amnell started writing fiction on Wattpad when she was a teenager. Since then, she may have taken breaks from writing fiction when life got in the way but she never stopped reading and writing. As a homebody whose only friend is her mother, Eunice has always found lovers, friends, companions, and enemies in the books she reads and writes.

Eunice Amnell, Author of Who Wants a Blind Mate
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My Story

I started writing by copying storybooks and illustrating the stories with little images and then sharing them with my classmates.

Then it progressed to rewriting stories from books I’d read or movies I’d watched but was somehow dissatisfied with – Fan Fiction.

Those stories became high in demand among my high school classmates.

Soon, I found out about Wattpad and started writing there.

Improving little by little.

Over the years, I had more than 4 Wattpad accounts where I wrote without getting any traction till I started writing seriously with the pen name: Eunice_Amnell.

Then I took all that I’d learned over the years and worked harder to write better stories.

Over the years, many things have happened. I got a Bachelor’s degree but never actually used it. I started working as a freelance writer.

After saving some money over the years, I returned to chase my dreams of being a fiction author.