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Eunice Amnell crafts stories where unlikely heroines—from wallflowers to warriors—find love and acceptance, and blossom from quiet embers to blazing stars in worlds where magic shimmers and destinies clash.

When she’s not wielding words, Eunice lives vicariously through fictional friends and dreams of becoming the neighborhood animal whisperer. To chase shadows with Eunice and her characters, sign up for her newsletter at euniceamnell.com/newsletter.

Eunice Amnell, Author of Who Wants a Blind Mate

My work so far...

How I started writing fiction

This story starts with a restless little girl who always felt out of place in the world. I got along well with others but could never cultivate close relationships where you could share all your feelings and thoughts with someone else.

At first, I tried to fill that void with movies but I didn’t have unlimited access to them. Then I stumbled upon the fictional stories in my reading comprehension textbooks. I read through all of them quickly and repeatedly read the ones I had read before when I got bored.

Then I read my first novel which was a book from the Babysitter’s club novel series. I can’t remember the name or much of what it’s about, but it was my first foray into reading a full novel and it opened up new possibilities for escaping boredom.

From there, I started reading novels wildly, from mystery/thriller books to romance books, basically any fictional book that friends and family could lend to me because I didn’t have access to a library. It was only when I got my first phone with access to the internet that I discovered my preference for reading novels with a touch or lots of romance in them.

Because I couldn’t get the books I really wanted to read earlier in my life, I started writing them. And by chance, my classmates started borrowing those books I’d written for myself and enjoying them as well. After seeing how much they liked my hand-written books and finding Wattpad, I started considering a career as a writer flippantly because I still wanted to be a supermodel, a TV show presenter, a teacher, and a vet doctor.

My first Wattpad account didn’t take off, but for whatever reason, I kept creating new ones every few years when I thought I’d learned something that would change everything. During that time, I gradually improved my writing until I decided that I wanted to become a published author.

However, I didn’t have the resources or training back then to be an author. I had also heard all sorts of unsavory ‘authors are starving artists’ stories and decided to become ‘serious’ with my life and ‘study something I could get a job with’ and then get back to writing during my retirement days.

But that plan didn’t work out. I got a degree but still went into the unstable career of a freelance writer.

In 2022, I got back into writing fiction and realized just how much I enjoyed doing it. It was like I’d been lost for years and finally found where I belonged. From my readers, I got support I’d never gotten from people other than my family members. It was truly mind-blowing. And I still can’t believe that someone like me, who always got bored with everything, wakes up every day feeling enthusiastic about continuing where I stopped the previous day.

The path to publication was long, but I have no regrets. Those years of delving into countless books across several genres honed my craft in ways I could never have imagined. Each page turned, each character encountered, sharpened my voice and enriched my storytelling toolbox. Working as a freelance writer also helped me develop the professionalism required to reach my dreams of becoming a full time author in the future.

Right now, I’m working my way up to completing a set of multi-universe stories which you can find out more about in my book map, which is my roadmap for the books I plan to create in the future, similar to a tech company’s roadmap listing the products or features they plan to work on next.