Delilah in The Equalizer

This week, I decided to talk about a movie I was watching. I am not a movie person because I usually prefer reading a good book to watching a movie.

But I liked the trailer of Queen Latifah in ‘The Equalizer’ so I watched the first season some months ago but dropped it again.

Recently, I couldn’t find a new book to read so I started watching the second season.

In the first episode, I immediately had an encounter with the character I disliked most in the TV show: Robyn’s rebellious daughter, Delilah, also known as Dee.

I watched season 1 of the Equalizer and thoroughly disliked Delilah in it, but I could ignore my dislike because I knew that her character was realistic.

Here’s a brief intro to Delilah. She’s a very fortunate character. She has a great family that loves her. Her family includes her wonderful mom, aunt, her father (divorced from her mom), and his wife. And Dee has everything she needs and lots of love, but Dee couldn’t appreciate it.

The Equalizer Robyn and Delilah
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I get it.

It’s easy to forget to appreciate your family members, especially your parents. I’m also a guilty party here so I’m not judging.

But I had a lot of subjective dislike for Dee, probably because when I was a teenager like her, I didn’t have much of what she had.

Another thing that frequently incensed me was her mother’s problem cases. Her mother was solving problems for all kinds of families, and there were always teenagers and children in trouble who wished for what she had but couldn’t get it. And yet, Delilah couldn’t appreciate what she had.

Imagine this little girl snooping around her mother’s room with a new friend to find her ‘mother’s secret’?

How crazy is that? My mom would have whooped my ass till I couldn’t sit on it again. Plus, I wouldn’t have dared anyway. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone snooping around in my room and thus, wouldn’t do the same to them.

What annoyed me and threw me into a 30-minute rant, however, was how this spoilt brat reacted to her mother being a superhero after getting 2-3 weeks to think.

She had time to stew on the matter, yet her response was still annoying.

If she had thrown a fit the day she found out, I wouldn’t have blamed her.

But this little girl just…

After stewing on how her mother helped her friend and got rid of an evil mafia gang, albeit with guns.

All that concerned her was that her mother had lied to her and hadn’t told her what kind of work she did.

That’s self-centered as hell.

She didn’t care that her mother could have gotten hurt or that her mother’s job was dangerous. What she cared about was that her mother lied to her.

There are many things I didn’t like about Delilah, but I have to tell you that a character like this brought a smile to my face after I had time to process her character as an Author.

Why? Because she is very vivid.

It’s not just about how realistic or unrealistic her character is. It’s about how angry/irritated I got whenever I saw her.

I hope to work on creating a character like this one day. Not necessarily one that is so easy to dislike, just a character that someone can get emotionally invested in like I got emotionally invested in Delilah.


Now for a status report on how publishing Who Wants a Blind Mate is going.

It’s fine. WWABM will still be released in August and I’ll do my very best to make sure of it.

Thanks to those who remember to check out these weekly blog posts.

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Have you watched ‘The Equalizer’? What did you think of Delilah? Or some other character? Let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you.

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