How I decided on the names for Characters in WWABM

It’s funny that I’m writing this but I can’t remember how I decided that the name of the main character of ‘Who Wants a Blind Mate?‘ would be Ciara. But I thought it would be fun to tell you how I decided on Drew and Doyle’s names.

If you want to know who these two characters are, you can watch out for Who Wants a Blind Mate? which will be on preorder within the next three weeks (The latest date will be September 1, I hope). You can subscribe to get notified as soon as it’s available for preorders and orders.

Let’s start with Drew.

Drew’s full name is Andrew.

And he was named after Chris’ brother in the TV show, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’.

That name always stuck to me because I always remembered how Chris always said that every member of the female species liked his brother, Drew.

And it always baffled me because I liked Chris more than Drew.

Back when I was writing WWABM, I was still more of a discovery writer or what they call Pantsers so I picked Drew’s name off the fly as soon as I encountered his character.

Doyle’s name was straightforward.

He was a Fae prince.

And since I loved the powerful Doyle in the Merry Gentry series, I had to name my Fae prince character after him.

For Queen Meredith, I can’t really say she was named after Merry Gentry because I don’t think she was. So just take her name as a casually-picked name that popped into my head when I encountered her character.

And Adrianna was named after Adrian Lee in the TV show, ‘Secret Life of An American Teenager’ (I had forgotten the TV show title and had to google it, LOL).

Frankly, I picked those names from movies I had watched and books I had read back then because it was easier than scouring through baby name books trying to find the best name with the best meaning.

Plus many of the names just sort of popped into my head as I encountered the characters.

Oh and for interested parties, Imogen was simply a name that popped into my head when I was plotting the story of The Pack Slut. However, Imogen was nicknamed Ginny because I liked Ginny Weasley’s name in Harry Potter even though I didn’t think she was a good fit for Harry.

I was editing WWABM when I realized that this would be a good blog post idea and rushed off to write it but I’m going back to editing now.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

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