Accepted Bonds (Their Fated Mate, #4) | Bk 4 of A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Series

Accepted Bonds Their Fated Mate Book 4


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Paranormal Romance | Reverse Harem/Why Choose | Werewolves

Fated Mates | Fae Omegas | Superatural Academy/University | Fake Identity | Badass Heroine

Just after I’d decided to accept my bonds, I was hurt and kidnapped by a friend I blindly trusted.

Despite the poison coursing through my veins, threatening to extinguish my life with each passing day, giving up is not an option.

My true mates and my family are still out there, searching for me.

All I have to do now is stay alive, hold on to every glimmer of hope, and assist in guiding them to my rescue.

In the face of darkness, I fight not just for my own life but for the love that awaits me, my family whose world would crumble if any harm befell me, and the innocent pack observers in grave danger.

Accepted Bonds is the last of four books in Their Fated Mate Series.

*If you like these tropes: fated mates, reverse harem / why choose romance, badass female main characters, cinnamon roll Alphas, childhood sweetheart romance, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, werewolf romances, etc, this series is for you.


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