My Character Map

Last updated: January 22, 2024.

Because several characters from my first series, The Fae Omegas Series, had cameo roles in my second series, Their Fated Mate, several readers requested a character map to make things less confusing.

They were right, especially since I still have a few series planned for this world where those characters would overlap, so I decided to make a character map.

Of course, I procrastinated as much as I could until I put on my big girl panties one late night, close to midnight, and drew this map on paper. Then I chose another day to make that paper map a digital reality because my handwriting isn’t very legible and a digital version makes things easier for when I want to add more characters and books.

So here we are.

If this doesn’t clear up your confusion with the books/characters, please let me know so I can think of any more elements I can add to make things easier to understand.

EA Character Map (Jan 2024)

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