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Who Wants a Blind Mate?

The Fae Omegas, #2

The vampire coven that owns the Thurman werewolf pack lands has returned.
When they demand a human sacrifice, the Alpha’s son, Jake, has little qualms about offering up his newly discovered blind mate, Ciara, as the human sacrifice.
After all, what Alpha or Alpha-to-be wants a blind Luna?
While Ciara is trying to escape being turned into a blood bag for vampires, the…
Eunice Amnell, Author of Who Wants a Blind Mate

A little About the Author

Eunice Amnell started writing fiction on Wattpad when she was a teenager. Since then, she may have taken breaks from writing fiction when life got in the way but she never stopped reading and writing. As a homebody whose sole friend is her mom, Eunice has always found lovers, friends, companions, and enemies in the books she reads and writes.
Eunice Amnell
Fiction Writer

Series in Progress

The Fae Omegas Series

An evil sect will populate the earth with wickedness and despair in their vile pursuit of power.
The world’s only hope lies in the collective strength of four Fae Omegas, who must overcome taxing trials before they can save the world.
Only with strength of character, lots of training, and utmost faith in themselves can these four fae omegas conquer this evil sect and their god.

In the Fae Omegas series, four women share….

What Readers Are Saying

Here’s a glimpse of what some Wattpad readers had to say about the first draft of WWABM and TPS.

I loved following this story from Wattpad to book (thanks so much for the ARC!)
The story is pretty well written, and it was a very fast read. I enjoyed getting a chance to re-read it in its new form, and the ending definitely prepares for future books.


Goodreads Review

Great read

Loved this story line and can’t wait for more in this series.
I disliked that Ginny was a bit if a walk over and had been treated so badly but it all made sense at the end. Great foundation build up to the rest of the series!


Goodreads Review

This by far is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. I loved it so much I read it in one sitting. Would definitely recommend to my friends and will be reading it again sometime. It was overall a rollercoaster of emotions and I loved it!

eunice amnell wattpad reviews

Review on first draft of "Who Wants a Blind Mate"

Glad that her revenge was not what I thought when she said she’ll have a revenge.
This story constantly remind me that looking down/underestimating the self is a big no. 🙂

eunice amnell wattpad reviews

Review on first draft of "Who Wants a Blind Mate"

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