The Fae Omegas Standalone Series: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance Series

An evil sect will populate the earth with wickedness and despair in their vile pursuit of power.

The world’s only hope lies in the collective strength of four Fae Omegas, who must overcome taxing trials before they can save the world.

Only with strength of character, lots of training, and utmost faith in themselves can these four fae omegas conquer this evil sect and their god.

In the Fae Omegas series, four women share similar destinies and different stories that start with rejection.

Each has the possibility of a ‘happy ever after’, doting mates, love, companionship, and ultimately happiness written in their fate.

But only if they can overcome their trials and hardship can they get what they deserve and save the world.

Each book in the series is a standalone and can be read alone but the books are interconnected and have a reading order if you want to follow the timeline of events that will lead to the climax of this exciting rejected mates series.

And the main characters of each book in the series will have cameo appearances in the other books in the series.

The Books in the Fae Omegas Series:

  1. The Pack Slut
  2. Who Wants a Blind Mate?
  3. The Pack Outcast
  4. Who Wants a Broken Mate?
  5. The First Fae Omega


  • .Some of the books in the series contain varying degrees of the following: Verbal abuse, bullying, mentions of rape, and suicidal thoughts.


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