The Fae Omegas Standalone Series: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance Series

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Four rejected mates. Four destinies intertwined. One epic battle for the fate of the world.

Darkness whispers across the world, fueled by a vile sect and their ravenous god. Only four women, ostracized by fate and marked as Fae Omegas, stand between this encroaching evil and the world’s annihilation.

Imogen in The Pack Slut is hiding destructive secrets, scorned by her mate, and reviled by her pack members. She doesn’t think she’s worth a lot until the future Alpha of another pack SEES her and offers her a way out. [Low Heat Werewolf Romance – MF]

Ciara in Who Wants a Blind Mate is a blind human orphan stuck in a werewolf pack. She has always dreamed of finding her prince charming, who would rescue her from her prison-like home. But what prince charming wants a blind mate? Not her true mate. Not only does he reject her, he also sends her off as a human sacrifice to vampires. [Clean Paranormal Romance – 2MFs]

Amelia in The Pack Outcast was rejected by her true mate and ostracized by her pack. After grabbing a life-changing opportunity to attend Camdine Academy, her goals are to hone her magic, prove her innocence, get vengeance for the injustice she has suffered, and get her life back on track. However, she has to race against time and her fears to prove her innocence, as her Alpha will do whatever it takes to prevent her from proving her innocence to protect his pack’s secrets. [Clean Reverse Harem PNR – 3MFs]

After escaping a supernatural trafficking organization, Nina in Who Wants a Broken Mate, tries to find a good pack to raise her little brother. However, a greedy future Alpha who will do anything to get what he wants from her and a very dangerous sect have set their sights on her. As she navigates the life-threatening challenges facing her, the jaded Nina must decide what is most important to her and find a way to protect the people she loves. [Low Heat Reverse Harem PNR – 2MFs, 1FF]

Minerva in The First Fae Omega seems like the spoiled daughter of a powerful CEO as she occupies an unmerited executive position in her father’s company, but her life is not as luxurious and carefree as it looks from the outside. As she fights for her freedom, she finds herself embroiled in a future that involves the end of the world, as a lover from her past life starts killing her past boyfriends in her name. She has no choice but to work with her three mates to prevent an apocalypse and change the future. [Low Heat Reverse Harem PNR – 3MFs]

These Fae Omegas, bound by rejection but woven together by fate, must face trials that will test their strength, courage, and the very bonds that unite them. Can they overcome their past hurts, forge alliances amidst distrust, and master the magic coursing through their veins? Or will darkness consume the world, leaving only whispers of their valiant stand?

Dive into the heart-pounding adventure of the Fae Omegas series, where rejected mates become unlikely heroines, where love blossoms amidst peril, and where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

The Books in the Fae Omegas Series:

  1. The Pack Slut
  2. Who Wants a Blind Mate?
  3. The Pack Outcast
  4. Who Wants a Broken Mate?
  5. The First Fae Omega


  • Some of the books in the series contain varying degrees of the following: Verbal abuse, bullying, mentions of rape, and suicidal thoughts


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