His Contract Luna | A Side Story to Their Fated Mate Series

His Contract Luna Book Cover


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Paranormal Romance | Werewolf Shifter Romance

Fated Mates | Second Chance | Angst | Middle-Aged Characters

After taking her for granted for several years, can a broken Alpha claim his mate before she walks away forever?

Owen Crawford, the distinguished Alpha of the Crawford Pack, built walls around his heart after tragedy ripped away his official mate and the mother of his sons, Mia. When Eleanor Adler became his contract Luna, she was meant to be a mere duty and a beautiful burden to appease his pack council. But years of quiet companionship have chipped away at Owen’s icy facade, revealing a flicker of something more for Eleanor than he dares to admit.

Eleanor, a woman who is perpetually overlooked, has worn the label of “second choice” like a worn cloak. From an abandoned future Luna to a rejected mate to a jilted fiancee, she’s learned to survive in the shadows of another’s love story. Yet, with Owen, a forbidden warmth simmers beneath the surface, a connection she craves even if it’s doomed.

As the anniversary of their contract looms, a single document shatters their fragile equilibrium. Could Eleanor be planning to leave? The thought cracks open Owen’s hardened heart, forcing him to confront a truth he’s buried for years: he loves her. But can he bridge the chasm of their past wounds and convince her to stay, or will the ghosts of yesterday steal his second chance at forever?

Dive into Eleanor and Owen’s passionate, angsty tale in this second-chance paranormal romance novella. A side story to the series titled Their Fated Mate, this story shows Eleanor and Owen’s struggles with their responsibilities, the expectations of the people around them, their hidden desires, and the love that dares to blossom from the ashes of heartbreak.

His Contract Luna

Editing Stage
25% Complete
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To be Published: January 30, 2023


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